Hanging Boy

Originally released back 1988 this is is considered Slayer’s most sought after t-shirt because it was instantly banned and deemed controversial upon release so there were not many made. The urban legend behind the picture is the story of a young guy who is a metal head and he receives a letter that he has been accepted into the army, when they demand that he cuts his hair and doesn’t bring any audio equipment with him on the day he signs up he goes on and commits suicide because he doesn’t want to cut his hair or lose his metal identity and mandatory suicide is the song that matches the picture. Fast forward to 2019 and Australian fiend @knowledge_editions took it upon himself and made a sick but long gone sold out bootleg of this holy grail. He kindly let us use his original designs on a @reigning t-shirt for those that missed out the first time. No reprints as usual, get them while they last.

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